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Intentional Dating | A short guide to navigating the streets.


The idea of “dating” is difficult enough. When you add in what culture says dating is -  “the 90 day rule”, “don’t do xyz before marriage”, and “don’t look too pressed too soon” - it complicate things even more. 


This E-book is a quick guide on how to navigate dating aka “the streets” with an intentional purpose and God’s principles. We start the book by first looking at “self” because unless you work on yourself, all of your relationships will end the same. Once we’ve dealt with self, the book takes you through a journey of unraveling and redefining your potential or your current relationship’s foundation. 


At the end of each chapter there is “reflection time” where you are challenged with questions that hopefully expand your outlook and thoughts on dating, marriage, and God. 


Whether you are an individual tired of the streets, a couple in the honeymoon phase, or  one who is seasoned with a few years in the game, I believe this book can be both insightful and life changing. 


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