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The Go To Coach For Boss Women

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How To Lose Inches Without Fad Diets 

It's time to be a Boss in all aspects of your life!
In This Workshop You Will Learn How To

✔️ Lose inches without fad dieting. 
✔️ Improve your energy, mood, and productivity at work.
✔️ Get stronger and feel more confident in your skin.

✔️ Gain basic understanding of nutrition and exercise for continued success.

Read Keyana's Story

“It’s always been difficult to find a consistent workout plan that worked for me and my busy schedule. I’ve trained with SalakoFitness on and off for a few years now.

Akanni has made it so easy for me to dedicate 3-4 days out of the week to working out by providing videos, meal plans, constant communication with him directly and most importantly his support.

With Akanni's knowledge and expertise I have seen progress in my forms, knee strength and overall body strength. With his new online program I have all the tools I need to be consistent and continue to invest in my health"

Become the best version of you
stronger, healthier, energetic!

This is for you if you're experiencing this:

✓ You have a busy schedule and need a flexible workout plan.
✓ You need accountability to stay on track.
✓ You want to get stronger and feel more confident in your clothes.
✓ You find yourself constantly low on energy and unproductive.
✓ You want to show up happier and healthier for your family.
✓ You're ready to transform you're life. 

Its Time To Put You First Sis


"These past couple weeks have been challenging but in a good way. Akanni has me doing different workouts in ways I haven’t done them before. My eating habits have gotten a little better and I’ve seen amazing results so far. I thought I knew a lot about the gym/fitness but Akanni humbled me lol...please get at @salakofitness and see what he’s about, you won’t regret it." 



"Akanni pushed and encouraged me throughout the whole process. I think this is actually the first time I've been consistently working out and taking care of my body and it feels amazing!!! So thank you!"  


Why Do I Have To Apply?

We’re all about results over here, so we like to make sure everything we teach is something you can actually benefit from. Please let us know your goals and struggles so we can make sure our programs are the right fit for you.

Live Workshop App
It's time to take control of your journey.
Become a boss in all areas of your life!
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What you will get with the program:

✓ A Stronger Body and Mind

✓ Renewed Confidence In Yourself at Work, Home and The Gym 

✓ The Ability To Look Proudly and Confidently In the Mirror

✓ A Supportive Community Of Women Helping You Reach Your Goal

✓ A Transformative Life Changing Experience



We don't provide you a plan and ghost you until your next payment. Elevate coaching was created to help you elevate your life and your health! Imagine a life where:

🙌🏾 You can fit exercise into your busy schedule. 

🙌🏾 You can put on that dress that was once too snug.

🙌🏾 You show up confident and boss like at work and the bedroom.

🙌🏾 You have more energy to crush your career goals.

🙌🏾 You have an accountability partner rooting you on. 



As a busy young entrepreneur, she was looking for a workout plan that was flexible enough for her schedule but still effective for her goal.  In her two-week trial freebie she was able to see amazing results while not having to sacrifice extra time in the gym. She went on to start another one of our 2-month long programs and her results contiuned.

4_7_2022, 10_04_54 PM.jpg


"After giving birth…I gained even more weight 🌚😂. I would try to start working out but could never stay consistent! After the holidays I told myself I was gon lock in & really focus on my mind my body & my soul✨🧘🏾‍♀️. I took a MUCH needed social media break, dealt with my food triggers and started eating 10x better ! I am proud of my journey, proud of my hard work💯.  S/o @salakofitness for helping me not once but TWICE in my the journey."

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