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A Challenge Built For Boss Women
Last day to sign up is in...

No more waiting until January 1 to start your weight loss journey.

I’m challenging a select group of action takers to join me for a 30-day weight loss challenge to build momentum and consistency going into the new year. This challenge will empower you to tone your body and lose fat in the right areas, increase your energy and performance, as well as show you how to meal prep for consistent weight dropping results. 

The challenge includes, meal guides, 30 days of fat burning workouts, a private community of boss women, a private live home workout with myself, progress photos, and accountability check in’s to keep you on top of your goals. 

As your coach I will right here with you to help you stay on track during the holidays and start the new year like the boss woman you are. Just by signing up you enter to win $200 for the best transformation. 

Let’s do this!

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✔️You're a busy professional 

✔️You care about your health and well being

✔️You care about how you look and feel

✔️You’ve tried a bunch of different plans and nothing has worked

✔️You’re looking for true guidance and support from an expert in the field. 

Best Transformation Receives a $200 Gift Card 
to the store of their choosing. 
Last day to sign up is in...
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